For Owners (Steps)

Step 1: Register yourself and open an account.

  • Register yourself at MozProperty from the menu. Then you will have your own account.

Step 2: Apply for the member ship.

  • When you are registering for an account, you had to choose which subscription (Membership) you would like to apply.

Here is the list of membership in case you don’t remember which one you chose, this is just a picture so it doesn’t let you go anywhere.




Step 3: Pay for the membership.

  • You will have yo pay through mobile payment (M-Pesa) to this account.
  1. Dial *150#
  2. Select “1” Send Money
  3. Select”1″ Enter Phone Number 847948779
  4. Send Confirmation to 847948779

Step 4: Wait for the confirmation email from Us.

You will receive an email from us about your account has been updated. After you receive the email, login into your account then, you can start posting properties.

If you have any questions, please let us know by filling the form below.